Hand-Release Push-Up Arm Extension (HRP)

You’ll complete as many Hand-Release Push-Ups as possible in two minutes.

The HRP assesses the Muscular Endurance component of fitness by measuring a Soldier’s upper body endurance. The HRP is a strong driver for upper body and core strength training. Flexibility is a secondary component of fitness assessed by the HRP.

Proper technique

Starting position

On the command of “GET SET,” one Soldier in each lane will assume the prone position facing the start line with hands flat on the ground and index fingers inside the outer edges of the shoulders. The chest and front of the hips and thighs will be on the ground. Toes will touch the ground with feet together or up to a boot’s width apart. The ankles will be flexed. The head does not have to be on the ground. Feet will remain generally together, no more than a boot’s width apart, throughout the HRP.

Movement 01

On the command “GO,” a Soldier will push their whole body up from the ground as a single unit to the up position by fully extending the elbows (front leaning rest).

  • The Soldier will maintain a generally straight body alignment from the top of the head to the ankles. This generally straight position will be maintained for the duration of the HRP.
  • Failing to maintain a generally straight alignment during a repetition will cause that repetition to not count.
  • The front leaning rest is the only authorized rest position. Bending or flexing the knees, hips, trunk, or neck while in the rest position is not authorized.

Movement 02

After the elbows are fully extended and the Soldier has reached the up position, the Soldier will bend their elbows to lower the body back to the ground. The chest, hips and thighs should touch down at the same time. The head or face do not have to contact the ground.

Movement 03

Without moving the head, body, or legs, the Soldier fully extends both arms into the T position until the arms are generally straight out to the side. The arms and hands may touch or slide along the ground during this hand-release movement.

Movement 04

The Soldier immediately moves his or her hands back on the ground to return to the starting position to complete the repetition.

Additional information

Fitness components

  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility


  • Level surface

More to consider

Soldiers may adjust their feet during the test event as long as they do not lift a foot off the ground.

Scoring the Hand-Release Push-Up

You’ll complete as many hand-release push-up repetitions as you can in two minutes, with different benchmarks depending on your age and gender. Download the scoring scale to see what’s expected.

Min. points (60) 10 reps.
Max. points (100) 57 reps.
For ages 17-21
  • You’ll need to score a minimum of 60 points on each event to pass the ACFT with a total score of 360.
  • The maximum score you can receive per event is 100 points for a total score of 600.
  • The requirement for each event varies according to gender and age.


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