U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Achieve excellence. Make history.

Pursue a bachelor’s degree and earn your commission as an Officer by attending the country’s most prestigious military service college.

U.S. Military Academy at West Point Cadets celebrating graduation

Gain the advantage with a full-tuition scholarship.

A big reason to consider Officership through U.S. Military Academy (USMA) at West Point is the free tuition, including an annual stipend of more than $10,000. Additionally, the fully-funded, four-year education stands out among top non-military universities, and is worth more than $250,000.

Cadets celebrate during the annual branch night ceremony

USMA at West Point creates future leaders through world-class leadership training, physical, mental, and moral development, and a top-tier education in math, science, and engineering. USMA cadets earn a college degree and graduate as Army Officers with the highest military standards.













USMA at West Point

Classes and field activities at West Point hold cadets to the highest standards. It’s part of the academy’s mission to educate, train, inspire, and instill the values of duty, honor, and country in all cadets.


Learn about the military.

Transition from civilian life to military life with Cadet Basic Training, Introduction to Warfighting, and academic courses including English, math, military science, and more.


Train in the field.

Start putting what you’ve learned to the test with Field Training, Fundamentals of Army Operations, and courses in foreign language, physics, American politics, and more.


Commit to Army service.

Commit to service as an Army Officer after graduation. You’ll begin to get leadership experience by serving as a squad leader for Cadet Basic Training, taking courses in international relations, platoon operations, and more.


Apply for jobs.

Prepare for leadership roles by applying for jobs in Army branches. You’ll also be training cadets, taking courses in leadership development, military history, and more.


In your junior year at USMA at West Point, you’ll commit to serving as an Army Officer after graduation. Your commitment will be at least five years of active duty and three years in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)—where you’ll return to civilian life but need to be ready to help in a national emergency—for a total of eight years. However, if you leave USMA before your junior year, you don’t have a service commitment.

Graduate shakes hands with Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin III at Graduation Ceremony

What to know before applying.

You’ll need to request a nomination from an approved source—typically a U.S. Representative or Senator—to apply to USMA at West Point. This process takes time, so you should contact them as early as possible. You must meet certain requirements to apply.

  • Can’t be older than 23 on July 1st of first year

  • Be a U.S. citizen

  • Not be married

  • Not be pregnant or have legal obligation to support any children

  • Receive a nomination from an approved source

  • Have competitive scores on a college entrance exam (ACT or SAT)


Find out more about becoming a Soldier and if a career in the Army is right for you.

Common questions about USMA at West Point.

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How challenging is USMA at West Point?

It is very physically and mentally challenging because it’s meant to help you reach your highest potential as a future Army Officer and leader. If athletic challenges excite you and you’re willing to face your weaknesses and grow, you’ll overcome fear and conquer it at West Point.

What rank would I graduate with from USMA at West Point?

If you complete all undergraduate degree requirements, you are commissioned as an Army Officer and receive the gold bar of a second lieutenant.

What is life like at West Point, outside of the classroom?

While you’ll be busier at USMA than at your typical college, you’ll have holiday vacations and free weekends. Plus, you’ll choose from hundreds of competitive or intramural sports to participate in on site, and you’ll have the option to join extracurricular activities.

What internships and study abroad opportunities would I have at USMA?

There are spring and summer internships at public and private sector organizations for important real-world experience, as well as several immersive semester-abroad programs to strengthen your foreign-relation skills and practice a foreign language. These programs are included as part of the USMA experience at no additional cost for students to participate.

When was the USMA at West Point founded?

The United States Military Academy at West Point was founded in 1802, and is the oldest military academy in the nation.

Where is West Point?

Campus is 45 minutes from New York City. It sits along the historic Hudson River in New York state.

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