Day in the Life

Every soldier’s day looks different.

A day in the Army has opportunities to blend your passions with service. Get a taste of what’s possible for Soldiers during the workday.

Four Soldiers in combat uniform standing on a wooden obstacle outdoors

Glimpse into a soldier’s day to day.

You can still live life to the fullest in the Army. Here are real-world experiences from Soldiers to prove it.

Outdoor portrait of a smiling female Soldier in combat uniform

Sgt. Kayleigh Campbell

Sgt. Campbell is an enlisted Soldier and painter who also likes to play video games and volunteer at the animal shelter in her spare time.

Outdoor portrait of a male Soldier in combat uniform

Pfc. Jason Yu

Pfc. Yu is an enlisted Soldier and avid cook who also enjoys physical exercise and spending his free time watching YouTube videos.

Stay true to yourself.

Joining the Army doesn’t mean giving up all the things you love. You’ll still have the opportunity to pursue your interests and follow your passions beyond service.

See how Brazilian jiu jitsu helps Pvt. Rodriguez in life and in the Army.

Join a community that fits your lifestyle.

Work-life balance

There’s more to Army life than work. You can still enjoy life experiences big or small plus personal activities and downtime too.


The Army is committed to community. You’ll have access to a range of housing options on or off base that will grow over time.

Family life

The Army supports the loved ones who support you. You’ll be able to stay close and connected both on and off an Army base.


Find out more about becoming a Soldier and if a career in the Army is right for you.

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