Outdoor portrait of a male Soldier in combat uniform

Private First Class

Jason Yu

Army Reserve

As a Unit Supply Specialist, Pfc. Jason Yu is the expert on Army supplies and equipment—responsible for supervising it, maintaining it, inspecting it, and more. He also takes the lead on safely controlling the weapons and ammunition in secure areas.

Unit Supply Specialist (92Y)
Enlisted Soldier
18 years old
Time In Service
4 months
Fort Gregg-Adams, Va.
Sacramento, Calif.

Jason's Career path

The Army supports your career goals in a number of ways. See how one person pursued professional and personal growth as an enlisted Soldier.

He plans to pursue college.

Jason will leverage Army benefits to go to college then pursue a career in Army Aviation.

He intends to become a Warrant Officer.

After Jason earns his college degree, he intends to work towards becoming a Warrant Officer.


When you become part of the U.S. Army, you’ll have the flexibility to build your career without compromising on your personal goals and interests. Learn more about what it’s like to become an enlisted Soldier.

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