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San Diego State University ROTC Cadets on beach
Soldier making his way across monkey bars.

Four-Year College Scholarships

If you're thinking of just getting started in college and are looking for tuition assistance, find out how you can get that as well as a clear path to leadership in Army ROTC.

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Cadets wearing APFU outside during the daytime on a soccer field.

Three-Year Scholarship

If you have already completed one year and are looking for an even greater college experience, the U.S. Army three-year scholarship may be for you. Find out more here.

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ROTC with laptop with parents

Two-Year Scholarship

Do you have only two years left to complete your college requirements? You still have time to get tuition assistance and become an Officer upon completion of Army ROTC.

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Soldier standing at parade rest on a field.

College Student FAQ

There are many questions you want to answer before making your decision. Learn more about how you can serve your country and strengthen your career options.

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