One Army for All

Many strengths. One force.

Every Soldier, of every background, has the opportunity for growth and success in the Army. We’ll never stop learning and adapting our efforts to stay true to our commitment of ensuring an inclusive environment for all.

A large group of Soldiers in formation outdoors

In the Army, it’s about who works hard and who brings the most effort. If that’s you or if that can become you, then you can do great things. – Sgt. Justin Loyd

  1. We ensure every member is equipped to set their course and succeed by offering opportunities for a lifelong career, professional expert training, or higher education.

  2. Our greatest strength is in all the differences, perspectives, and skills of every Soldier coming together to make the biggest impact.

  3. We help Soldiers build confidence in themselves and one another through mutual respect and developing the skills to make the most of their future.

We turn awareness into action.

Hearing your stories helps us write our own. We use Soldier insights and experiences, as well as our core values to help guide any programs, policies, and improvements to how the Army operates.

Protect and empower each other.

Soldier safety is a top priority. Programs like Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) are developed to inform and prevent sexual assault and harassment within the Army.

Ensure fair and unbiased treatment.

The Army promotes an environment of access to opportunity and choice. We build cohesive teams in which everyone, regardless of rank/grade, race, ethnicity, religious background, or gender, contributes to the mission and succeeds based on potential, merit, and performance.

Support parents and families.

The Army supports parenthood through family assistance programs before, during, and after the event of a birth.

Value identity and individuality.

Hair and grooming policies are reviewed and updated to allow self-expression while still maintaining Army standards without compromising a Soldier’s identity.

Expand access to opportunity.

Outreach programs help manifest more diverse experiences and build the Army’s connection to communities that are further from military bases.

Accept religious expression.

We recognize religious and spiritual well-being is an important part of self-identity. Army regulations respect and protect various forms of religious expression, both in and out of uniform.

A smiling female Soldier shaking the hand of a male Soldier outdoors
I feel like this is a safe place that I can express my individuality and my femininity...I am respected as a professional because of the hard work I bring to the table. – Chief Warrant Officer 2 Marisa Maher

We continue to listen, learn, and act.

Equal opportunities and fairness

Our success is built upon mutual trust and respect for all Soldiers regardless of race or gender. We ensure equal opportunities and fairness within the Army's justice systems, ranks, and other policies through internal auditing processes.

America’s team

Our approach to recruiting is simple. We recruit everywhere—across all U.S. states and territories. The Army looks like the people it serves, because it’s made up of the people from coast to coast, big cities to small towns, and everything in between with all types of ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds teaming up together for a shared cause.

Well-rounded perspectives

Soldiers can make their voices heard through surveys, focus groups, and community forums to allow leaders to hear directly from their teams about their experiences and to find opportunities for improvement.

A group of trainees running outdoors during Basic Combat Training
We’re here to help you be a better version of yourself. We're here to help train you, to help you be experts at your craft, and experts at the basic level. And we're honestly here to help you be all you can be. – Staff Sgt. Devante McLean

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