Two soldiers in combat uniform walking on a dirt road Two soldiers in combat uniform walking on a dirt road

Find your strength in our force

As an enlisted Soldier, you become an integral member of the team with unlimited possibilities in what we can achieve.

SPC Nicole Van Wettering SPC Nicole Van Wettering

Gain Real-World Skills in The Army

Unlike many jobs where you can wait years to get firsthand experience, in the Army you’re given the training and trust to jump in on day one.

  • Get hands-on training and knowledge
  • Work as a professional in your field
  • Get paid while you learn

A Simple Conversation Can Change Everything

If you’re thinking of joining, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Discover Your Desired Career

With more than 200 jobs ranging from medicine to mechanics, you can choose the role that interests you the most and shape the career you want to have.

Take the First Steps to Join

01. Talk with a recruiter

02. Take a placement exam

03. Complete a physical exam

04. Choose an Army job

05. Sign a contract and prepare for Basic Training

Career Advancement Opportunities

Through the Army’s unique point system, you’ll have the opportunity to grow and earn your way toward a promotion. And with numerous enlisted ranks available, your ability to get ahead is always within reach.

Junior Enlisted

Learn and train in unique specialties while carrying out orders to contribute toward your team’s misison.

  • Private (Pvt.)
  • Private second class (Pvt.)
  • Private first class (Pfc.)
  • Specialist (Spc.)

Non-Commissioned Officer

Train and oversee Soldiers in their daily tasks and help them develop their skills to be used in team missions.

  • Corporal (Cpl.)
  • Sergeant (Sgt.)
  • Staff sergeant (Staff Sgt.)
  • Sergeant first class (Sgt. 1st Class)

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

As the expert in your field with more than 10 years of Army experience, you’ll help Commissioned Officers advise on missions and policies.

  • Master sergeant (Master Sgt. / First sergeant (1st Sgt.)
  • Sergeant major (Sgt. Maj.) / Command sergeant major (Command Sgt. Maj.)
  • Command sergeant major (Command Sgt. Maj.)
  • Sergeant major of the Army (Sgt. Maj. of the Army)

Female Soldier standing facing camera Female Soldier standing facing camera

Become an Expert in Your Field as a Warrant Officer

As an enlisted Soldier, you have endless opportunities to advance your career and rise through the ranks. But if you aspire to become an expert in a field you’ve been trained in, while also securing your future as a highly-respected leader, the Army Warrant Officer path could be right for you.

  • Demonstrate expert technical skills to be recruited to apply to Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) after two years of service
  • Achieve the rank of Warrant Officer and serve as an advisor on specialized and strategic missions

Gear Assembly Diagram Gear Assembly Diagram

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Common Questions About Enlisted Soldiers

Can I become a commissioned Officer after I enlist in the Army?

Yes, you could earn your degree while you serve and a commission as an Army Officer by taking advantage of the Green to Gold program—a two-year program available to Soldiers.

What’s the difference between a Warrant Officer and a commissioned Officer?

Commissioned Officers apply their advanced skills and knowledge to plan and lead missions, as well as train and mentor teams. Warrant Officers remain single-specialty Officers with career tracks that progress within their field, allowing them to serve as experts and advisors for strategic missions.

What happens after I join the Army?

Once you’ve enlisted, you’ll join other Army cadets in the three phases of Basic Combat Training, which usually take about ten weeks depending on your chosen specialty. Once you complete Basic Combat Training, you’ll receive your assignment.

How do I know if I meet the requirements for the Army?

Every situation is unique, so it may help to reach out to a recruiter or read the requirements to join. But generally, if you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, 17-32 years old with a high school diploma, you’re off to a great start.

Can I change jobs after I join?

Yes, you can work with an Army career counselor to pursue new jobs and promotional opportunities with a reclassification request.

Can I join the Army with my friends?

Yes, you can join with up to four of your friends through the Buddy Team Enlistment Option. You’ll all need to enlist on the same day and agree to the same Army job. Then, you’ll attend Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training together and be stationed together when you start your job.