Army Education Benefits

Plan For Your Future

If you want to attend college after a career in the Army, you will have access to a long list of resources and financial assistance benefits that you can use to focus on your degree, not on how to pay for it.

ROTC students

Go To College Now

Do you want to attend college as soon as possible? The Army Reserve and Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) will allow you to attend school full time, without interruption, and provide you with financial assistance to cover your tuition.


Post-Graduate Scholarships

If you have already earned your undergraduate degree, and you're interested in a post-graduate degree in medicine, law or the seminary, you may qualify for merit-based scholarships that will help you on your way.

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Soldier in class

Get An Army Education

Learn how career and leadership training, internships and other valuable Army experiences can help prepare you for the future.

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