PaYS Program Opportunities

Since PaYS began in 2000, more than 500 employers have partnered with the program. During the enlistment process, Soldiers will begin establishing a relationship with companies for which they are interested in working. Those Soldiers will then be granted an interview at the company of their choice upon leaving military service. This program does not guarantee employment, but it does help Soldiers clear the often-daunting first hurdle to starting a career: getting a foot in the door.

See a list of the current company partners.

ROTC PaYS Program

ROTC Cadets make exceptional candidates for the PaYS program, as employers are always looking for workers who have held leadership roles.

The U.S. Army Cadet Command is the largest officer-producing organization in the military, having commissioned more than a half-million Second Lieutenants since 1916. There are few institutions that can match the size and quality of the managerial talent found in Cadet Command.

The U.S. Army PaYS Program for Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) personnel complements the benefits associated with becoming an Army Officer. ROTC cadets enrolled in the PaYS Program are eligible for a job interview and possible employment after completing their college requirements and earning a commission.

Active Duty Officers are eligible for PaYS after completing their first term of service obligation.

ROTC Cadets can select two PaYS partners in the Cadet Portal, . A "Step to Success" checklist is available on

How to Become a PaYS Partner

  1. All companies are encouraged to apply, although preference will be given to companies with 500 or more employees.

  2. The partnership welcomes private sector companies as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations.

  3. All positions must be for full-time, permanent employment. Positions reflecting a 40-hour workweek with a classification of "temporary hire" do not qualify. This includes temp agencies and/or placement agencies.

  4. The PaYS Program does not charge a fee to become a partner. In turn, companies that charge a fee for employment or placement do not meet qualification.

  5. The PaYS partner company agrees to forecast future positions and guarantee interviews.

Corporations, companies, and agencies that have signed a PaYS partnership agreement are incorporated into community-based grassroots programs and are informed and motivated Centers of Influence (COIs).

PaYS representatives are available to assist you in becoming a PaYS partner. We welcome your comments and input as our program grows. If your company is interested in joining this partnership, please visit the Partnership for Youth Success website at

PaYS Program Summary

The Army PaYS Program is a win-win opportunity. The Army helps Soldiers find employment with companies who value the skill and discipline that comes with an Army career, and companies can draw from an endless pool of qualified talent to fulfill their needs.

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Ciara Brown: My name is Ciara Brown I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I work at 1st Mariner Bank and I’m a full-time teller. When I joined the Army, I joined the Army Reserve and I signed up for the PaYS Program. The PaYs Programs guarantees me a job interview with 1st Mariners Bank, I chose 1st Mariners Bank because it helped me with my business administration degree.

Kathy Scott: My name is Kathy Scott and I am the branch market manager for the Cockeysville branch of 1st Mariner Bank. 1st Mariner Bank has been around since May 1995. They started out very small with about 20 employees. We are a Baltimore based bank and we offer the same products and services that the larger banks offer. However we try to do it in a friendlier way.

Ciara Brown: When I came home and I did this job interview it definitely gave me more confidence that I was able to get a job. Before I joined the Army I was very nervous, very nerve racking and I had less self-confidence that I would get the job. But after I joined military, came home I was like ‘I know I got the job’ it’s just a matter of when I’m start working.

Kathy Scott: When you hire a veteran as an employee, you find that they really listen and pay attention to what they’re asked to do and during instruction and they rarely need to be, to have it gone over again, they’re very quick in picking things up. We find that they are also very reliable and very outgoing in dealing with others.

Ciara Brown: I think that my training and experience helped me to be just a better employee all around more so because of the traits that we instill loyalty, discipline, leadership. It’s very difficult but it helped me to help teach me that I’m able to have these traits.

Kathy Scott: If we had a chance to have more veterans yes, I think it is a great fit. They’ve served us in the military and if we could possibly serve them in return that’s just a win / win situation for everybody.

Ciara Brown: The one piece of advice I would have to somebody considering joining the Army is do it, because there’s so many options and benefits even if you don’t go Active Duty in the reserve program or National guard there’s definitely options for you to better your career. You teach yourself things that you never knew that you were able to do.