Cadet talking to a student outside of college campus.

A Department of Defense study, which began June 1, 2007 (ending Sept. 30, 2011), directed the military services to begin a pilot test of home-school graduates. Currently, the best single predictor of an individual’s likelihood of adapting to the military is a traditional high-school diploma. However, many individuals with alternative education experiences are also successful in the military. The goal of this pilot is to identify applicants who are likely to adapt to the Army and successfully complete their first term of service.

Home-school graduates seeking to enlist in the Army need to meet the following criteria:

  • Must possess a home-school diploma and submit transcripts at the time of enlistment. The course work must involve parental supervision, the transcript must reflect the normal credit hours per subject used in a traditional high school and the diploma must be issued in compliance with applicable state laws.
  • Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The Armed Forces Qualification Test score from the ASVAB will determine enlistment eligibility.
  • Must take the Assessment of Individual Motivation test, which is 20-minute pencil and paper test. The AIM test score is used to obtain data and does not affect qualification for enlistment.
  • At a minimum, the last academic year (9 months) must be completed in a home-school environment.

*Enlistment of home-school seniors in the Army's Future Soldier program is also authorized.


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