Total Compensation

Army health care, retirement pay and subsidized food, housing and education add up to an attractive salary package. Learn more about total Army compensation.

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From basic pay to special allowances, find out what you’ll earn as a Soldier.

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Education Benefits

Learn more about the Army programs that can help you pay for college, pay off existing student loans or earn college credit while on Active Duty.

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Health Care & Vacation

Learn about the comprehensive health care, low cost insurance and generous vacation time that the Army provides you and your family.

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Additional Incentives

Learn more about additional enlistment incentives and options the Army has to offer that you might qualify for.

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Soldier & Family Services

The Army takes care of your family as well. Learn more about the services, support groups, counseling and training available to Soldiers and their families.

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After the Army

Find out what programs are available to you after your service as a Soldier.

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Army Strong Stories



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    02.24.2015 - my husband's MOS is 11b. He's finishing up OSUT and then goes to airborne school right after. he just got orders for his...

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    02.23.2015 - I've narrowed my choices down to 35g,35f,15w. I'm having a hard time deciding beacuse I can see myself doing all three. ...

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  • 68T AIT for prior service

    02.23.2015 - I'm currently an E-5 68W in the reserves.  I have a degree in animal science and work as a vet tech. I'm about to r...

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  • A Class A misdemeanor

    02.23.2015 - My son has a class A misdemeanor as a juvenile. He was 15 at the time and now he is 21. Will this prevent him from enlis...

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  • quest. about ged

    01.23.2015 - Do i have to get 15 college credits if i have a ged.

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  • US Army JAG and the FLEP

    02.23.2015 - I  am currently interested in one day becoming a JAG Judge Advocate in the  Army. I was wondering what exact p...

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    02.23.2015 - Hello. I am 4'9 girl around 100 pounds and I am thinking of joining the army. I feel like it will open a whole new path ...

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  • Moral Waiver - Battalion level or higher?

    02.20.2015 - Okay, I took my physical two days ago and passed everything.   Next Question: Are moral waivers for DUI done at th...

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Let The Army Help Pay For College

I'm Specialist Faye Taylor; I'm a 37 Foxtrot, Psychological Operations Specialist. I'm from Owensboro, Kentucky from a really large family of 15.

I actually had a lot of difficulty completing my degree before the Army and I lost all my scholarships and realized I got to get through school.

A recruiter told me about the Army. The educational benefits pretty much attracted me to the Army.

I talked to a lot of the counselors' here on-post. They directed me which way I should go, how I could get my education back on track. They were right there beside me and I got my bachelors degree.