Army Chaplain Corps
U.S. Army Chaplain Major Gauthier talking to Soldiers

If you are ready to serve your calling and your country, follow these steps to be considered for a position in the Army Chaplain Corps.

Please Note: If you're interested in being a Chaplain Assistant, please use our general Goarmy How to Join page.

Step 1

Talk To A Chaplain Recruiter

Chaplain Recruiting Teams exist throughout the US. They are prepared to assist you and your family in exploring a vocation as an Army Chaplain or Chaplain Candidate. Should you conclude that you want to apply, these experienced teams will assist you at preparing a complete application packet for the selection board.

Step 2

Prepare Your File For The Selection Board

First, you may want to take another look at the requirements you must meet to be considered for the Army Chaplain Corps. The Army Chaplaincy application process centers on a selection board. With the help of a Chaplain Recruiting Team member, interested seminary students or currently serving clergy complete a file to introduce themselves to the board members. A key item in this file is an ecclesiastical endorsement provided to a member of the clergy from a faith group headquarters recognized by the Armed Forces Chaplains Board, allowing the individual to serve in the military as a Chaplain representing that distinctive faith group.

Chaplain selections are at least 10 times a year.