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Army Chaplain Corps
Soldiers during a field sermon.
  • I am an Army Chaplain.

  • I am a religious Leader and a member of a team.

  • I serve the soldiers of the United States and live the SACRED Values.

  • I will always place religious freedom first.

  • I will always care for the living.

  • I will always care for the wounded.

  • I will always honor the fallen.

  • I will never disrespect another's faith group.

  • I am spiritually and pastorally sound, and proficient in officer and chaplain tasks and skills.

  • I will always maintain faith, practice, and my beliefs.

  • I am a messenger and a professional.

  • I stand ready to minister, care, and provide for the service members of the United States of America in any context.

  • I am guardian of religious freedom and the virtuous way of life.

  • I am an ARMY Chaplain.