Army Speak

"On the Trail"
The time a Sergeant spends as a Drill Sergeant instructing at Basic Combat Training.

"Squared Away"
Describes a Soldier who is physically fit with a uniform that is sharp and neat.

"On Point"
When a Soldier maintains complete control of him or herself and the situation around them.

"Hop'n & Pop'n"
When a Soldier is moving quickly and with purpose.

Basic Combat Training (BCT)

Follow the ten-week evolution from civilian to Soldier. BCT is where recruits discover physical and mental strength and learn what it takes to become a Soldier.

U.S. Army Drill Sergeants standing in front of the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Academy.

The "Ultimate Job" For A Sergeant

For many Candidates, becoming a Drill Sergeant is a "military dream." It means they have proven themselves again and again—so much so that they're entrusted with training new recruits. They know that when they receive their Drill Sergeant hat, they'll have the ultimate job—being a role model—and they take it very seriously.

More Than Just A Unique Hat

Earning the Drill Sergeant's hat is not easy. When NCOs are tapped to attend Drill Sergeant School, they know they'll have to be able to teach new recruits the proper way to do absolutely everything in the Army—from making a bed, to wearing a uniform, to firing a rifle. They will have to become the best, because U.S. Army recruits deserve to learn from the best. In the end, Drill Sergeants are instantly recognizable. Not only because of their unique hat, but also because of the way they speak with authority and carry themselves with utmost pride.

Army Jobs Trained Here

Training at this school is not MOS dependent. You can volunteer or be selected for Drill Sergeant School—only the most qualified from this group are chosen.

Related Civilian Jobs

There are no related civilian jobs with this type of training, but you will gain confidence, leadership skills and a sense of pride.