Soldier Life
Soldier rappelling

Becoming a Soldier

First, you will work with a recruiter. Then you will attend Basic Combat Training. Finally, you will enter Advanced Individual Training.

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Group of soldiers

Being a Soldier

As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, you’re tasked with upholding the constitution and protecting America’s freedoms. But it’s not always work — Soldiers have free time just like anyone else.

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Soldiers running

Fitness & Nutrition

Because a Soldier’s level of physical fitness has a direct impact on his or her combat readiness, a Soldier in the U.S. Army must be mentally and physically fit. Fit Soldiers are essential to the Army.

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Army family

Army Family Strong

The strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their families. The Army knows that the decision to join its ranks is not one you should make alone. It requires the support and encouragement of your whole family.

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Army Strong Stories



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    07.01.2015 - I was working with a recruiter last March where i was cleared for my tattoo on back of my neck. However i was on pretria...

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    01.13.2012 - i would like to get over a 110 on my asvab or higher is that possible?

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  • How can we support our U.S. Army Warriors?,.... I know how I am able to support our Soldiers, especially those called and assigned "Combat Status." Emphasizes on each and every Soldier/Warrior going into battle. How may we encourage and inspire Valor?

    06.29.2015 - ? input Let us bring back as many America's Warriors as possible. We can and we will pass on the survival skills neces...

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  • This is not a question per-say these are statements made to target and encourage our Warriors going into battle,... Go with reasurance and total faithfulness and know that your destiny is predestined. You will face the adversary/enemy, your mission?

    06.30.2015 - " who will continue to stand for what is right!!!

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My name is Private First Class Alley and I'm a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army. We go ahead of the frontline and gather information on enemy activity and personnel.

For a 21-year old guy I have a pretty darn important job.

We're the eyes and the ears of the Army as Cavalry Scouts. We overlook enemy activity and we do it all without being seen. Being part of that team, you're only as strong as your weakest link. I take care of my men.

I'm the frontline for the frontline.

Three years ago I was just getting out of high school. I definitely made the right decision by joining the Cavalry. You learn a lot of responsibilities. You're getting paid, and you're helping serve your country. Not too many people can do this job.

Scouts out.