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Two, three, and four-year scholarships are available for qualified students. An Army ROTC scholarship covers tuition and fees, a book allowance of $600 per semester and a monthly stipend of $300 per month as a freshman, increasing to $500 during your senior year. 

Identified below are a couple of examples that make the Army ROTC Military Colleges a great choice:

  • Graduates of a senior military college who desires to serve as a commissioned officer on active duty upon graduation from the college, who is medically and physically qualified for active duty, and who is recommended for such duty by the professor of military science at the college, shall be assigned to active duty. 
  • Graduates of a Military junior College may participate in the Early Commissioning Program, which allows qualified cadets who complete the program to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the US Army in 2 years instead of 4 years.

For more information, please contact the College or University Army ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer.


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