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(Brig. Gen. Antonio Munera) This years’ CST was absolutely fantastic. The Cadet Summer Training is the largest exercise that we conduct in the Army every year. We are not only talking about the folks that we train here at Fort Knox, but we got folks that travel all around the world and then we send folks to all the different schools Airbourne, Air Assault, and those types of schools. So, we are talking about 10,000 Cadets that we train in about 100 days.

(Maj. Juan Renaud) Having Cadets here in a scripted, so to speak, or a structured training environment. That’s what they need. You have to understand the basics of whatever you’re going to do. They’re here learning how to be leaders, or refining their leadership attributes and competencies. And we are not grading them on whether they can conduct a raid or an ambush. We are grading them on their ability to lead.

(Brig. Gen. Antonio Munera) What I was particularly proud of this year is that we continue to up the rigger, to demonstrate to the Cadets what it would be like to conduct operations as part of a large-scale ground combat operations. So, this year we are able to intergrade throwing live hand grenades, buddy team live fires, more road marches, longer basic rifle marksmanship. All particularly proud of those events that we did. This is really the first opportunity where the Cadets get exposed to the diversity that is in our Army. Whether that diversity is gender, religious, ethnic, racial whatever that is. They get exposed to on a large scale and the bigger pieces they exposed to the toughest things you can do in the Army is leading your peers.

(Maj. Juan Renaud) So, next time we are looking at incorporating it’s a stress shoot, so it’s a battle marching shoot. Basically, you are going to test the individual Cadet ability to employ their weapons system, their M4, under stress. They’ll get to experience, we call it the Nick at Night, so, it’s the Night Infiltration Course. And that’s basically, moving under fire, under simulated artillery in various individual movement techniques.

(Brig. Gen. Antonio Munera) Most rewarding outcome is that we pull it off in a cohesive group, and provide quality instruction to these cadets. The roll of the ROTC and Cadet Summer Training is to create the next leaders for our Army. And we are going to entrust in them, at a very young age, the awesome responsibility of leading America’s sons and daughters.

PHYSICAL TRAININGCadets build their confidence by participating in combat water survival training, rappelling, ropes courses and more.
CLASSROOM TRAININGCadets learn Army values and ethics, study historical examples of leadership, hear from distinguished guests and get trained in squad/team tactics.
WEAPONS TRAININGCadets take part in combat simulations with paintball equipment, andl earn the ins and outs of an M16 in Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) training.
FIELD TRAININGCadets are exposed to land navigation skills, put squad tactics to use in completing a mission.
FEEDBACKInstructors and Cadet Leaders constantly advise Cadets on how they are progressing in their leadership skills, and how they can perform better.