Army ROTC Basic Course

Enroll in ROTC during your freshman year and you will take these college elective courses that lay the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader.

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Soldiers running across field

Army ROTC Advanced Course

During your junior and senior years, you will focus on small unit training and the transition to becoming an Army Officer.

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Soldiers climbing cargo net obstacle

Cadet Initial Entry Training

For students who have not taken the Basic course, this intensive four-week course takes place in the summer before your junior year to give you the same skills as Cadets who have completed the Basic Course.

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Army ROTC Leader Development Course

Cadet Leadership Course

This is a key milestone to your becoming an Army Officer Usually taken between the junior and senior years, this summer training and evaluation experience allows you to show and put into practice many of the team-building and leadership practices you've already learned, and gives you even more of the tools you'll need to become a leader for life.

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