Active Duty or Army Reserve?
Initial Military Training

Learn the differences between serving on active duty or in the Army Reserve.

Army Reserve
U.S. Army Soldier Staff Sergeant with HEMTT
Rank<2 Years4 Years6 Years
Private (E1)$3,431.43**$3,431.43
Private (E2)$3,856.23$3,856.23$3,856.23
Private First Class (E3)$4,055.31$4,570.92$4,570.92
Specialist or Corporal (E4)$4,491.90$5,230.26
Sergeant (E5)$4,898.88$5,739.93
Staff Sergeant (E6)$5,347.44$6,397.02
Rank<2 Years4 Years6 Years
Second Lieutenant (O1)$6,526.17$8,211.42$8,211.42
First Lieutenant (O2)$7,519.05$10,195.29
Captain (O3)$8,702.19$11,608.38$12,165.30
Major (O4)$9,877.10$12,391.47$13,100.85