Army Jag Corps
Jag interns attend a movie

The Program

Each summer, the Army JAG Corps hires 2L law students to work as legal interns in hundreds of offices across the United States. Interns also have the opportunity to complete their internships abroad in Germany, South Korea and Japan among several other countries. For 60 days, these summer interns work as temporary civil service employees performing a variety of legal tasks.

*Interns do not incur a military service obligation by participating in the JAG Corps 2L Summer Intern Program.

The Practice

This internship gives opportunities for law students to work under the supervision of experienced Judge Advocates in a wide range of JAG Corps legal disciplines. You may be asked to draft motions, briefs, or legal opinions, conduct a claims investigation, interview witnesses, or assist in the preparation of a court-martial. Your Judge Advocate supervisor will assess your progress and review your work for completeness, soundness and proper application of legal methods and principles. Most importantly, your supervisor will provide you a Summer Intern Evaluation Report, with a detailed assessment of your overall duty performance.

The Army JAG Corps will give you the opportunity to test your skills at a number of legal disciplines. As a 2L summer intern, you will have the opportunity to observe and assist Judge Advocates as they represent the Army and the United States at local, state and Federal levels. Interns also assist Judge Advocates who counsel and represent Soldiers, their families, and retirees in personal legal matters such as civil law, estate planning, landlord/tenant law, tax, bankruptcy, immigration and naturalization law, and military administrative law.


Eligibility:Second-year law students at ABA-accredited law schools (includes provisional accreditation)
Number Hired:Depending on Annual Fiscal Authorizations, approximately 75 law students per summer
Locations:Worldwide (including Korea, Hawaii, Japan, Italy, and Germany)
Duration:60 calendar days
Application Deadlines:Visit for current deadlines