Army Jag Corps
Army Officers

Eligibility and Application Procedures

Details regarding eligibility, the application process and service obligation with regards to FLEP are outlined in Army Regulation 27-1, Chapter 10, subsection 2. The eligibility requirements in AR 27-1 are statutory and cannot be waived. The cutoff for eligibility is 6 years of total active federal service, including warrant officer or enlisted service, at the time legal training begins.

Selection criteria

When considering an applicant's file, the selection board members use the "total person concept". They evaluate the undergraduate and graduate school transcripts, LSAT score, ORB, OERs, SJA interview letter, and statement of motivation to attend law school. Applicants with 2 1/2 to 4 years of commissioned service are the most competitive.

Twenty-five (25) were selected in December 2012. The following are statistical averages from that board:

Average age: 28
Average time in service as of 1 Sep 13: 4 yrs, 1 mos.
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.47
Average LSAT score: 159 (77th percentile)


Officers interested in the FLEP program should be aware that participants will normally attend a state-supported school where they qualify for in-state tuition, or where military members are granted in-state tuition rates.