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Aviation team

dedicated air and ground crews make the success possible 

The Golden Knights Aviation Team, known as “Team 6” is responsible for operating and maintaining the Golden Knights’ fleet of aircraft. The Golden Knights rely on a dedicated ground and air crew to maintain the aircraft used during performances and competitions. Currently, the Golden Knights utilize the C-31A Troopship, and the UV-18 Dehaviland Twin Otter.

C-31A Troopship

The C-31A F-ship is the primary support aircraft for the Golden Knights’ Black and Gold Demonstration teams. It is modified with two large doors that are used for jump operations. The Golden Knights have accumulated more than 27,000 hours of flight time on the C-31 since 1985, and it is widely considered one of the most reliable cargo and transport aircraft in the world.

UV-18 Dehaviland Twin Otter

The UV-18 Dehaviland is the primary support aircraft for the Golden Knights’ Competition and Tandem teams. This Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft is powered by two Pratt and Whitney PT6-27 turbine engines, and is capable of dispersing up to 14 parachutists very quickly from take off. The performance capabilities of the UV-18 Dehaviland allows for multiple training jumps to be conducted during the duty day, which allows the Golden Knights Competition teams to prepare more efficiently for national and worldwide competition.

Maintenance And Support Teams

The Golden Knights support team is comprised of a maintenance officer NCOIC (Noncommission Officer In-Charge) and four enlisted military flight engineers. Soldiers are assigned to the Golden Knights maintenance and support teams only after a thorough review of their service records, performance history and the completion of an interview.

Aviation Team Members

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If you would like the Golden Knights to come to your area, contact us now to make a request. Please note, that our tandem operations are conducted in conjunction with air shows and larger media events. Coordination for these operations is the exclusive responsibility of the air show or media event representative or organizer.

Please download our support manual as it provides specific contact information and requirements the team needs.

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