The USAMU hosts and administers competitions throughout the year.

These competitions, held on our home ranges in Fort Benning, Georgia, allow the USAMU to impart first-hand, expert knowledge and techniques to the competitors, with additional classes, clinics and training available for each competition.

These competitions are designed to raise the Army's combat readiness. They also enable the AMU team to connect with the public as part of the Army accessions mission.

59th Annual Interservice Pistol Championship

June 17-22 2018
Fort Benning, Georgia

Camp Perry Nationals

July 9-August 11 2018
Port Clinton, Ohio

Fort Benning Multigun

November 15-19 2018
Fort Benning, Georgia

U.S. Army Junior Air Rifle Championships

January 24-26 2019
Fort Benning, Georgia

U.S. Army Small-Arms Championships (All-Army)

March 10-16 2019
Fort Benning, Georgia


For more information about USAMU competitions, please visit the USAMU Facebook page.