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SFC Byers Wrestler for the 2012 Olympics

World Class Athlete Program

The United States Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) is one of more than 200 Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs the Army provides Soldiers and families. Through WCAP, the Army provides athletes the opportunity to train and compete in national and international sporting events and the summer and winter Olympics.

Through Army funding, WCAP Soldiers receive specialized coaching, access to state-of-the-art training venues, and sports medicine, and physical therapy. Most importantly, Army athletes will have the opportunity to participate top national and international competitions.

The program offers all members of the Army (Active Duty, Army Reserve and National Guard) equal opportunity for selection, but athletes must meet the basic requirements for participation:

- All participants must be in good military standing

- Enlisted athletes must have completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individualized Training (AIT).

- Once selected, an athlete must hold a national or international ranking from the governing body of his or her sporting event.

- Athletes must hold a United States Olympic Committee World Class Certification.

Army Reserve and National Guard who are selected for the program will be placed on Active Duty. All prospective athletes will be admitted into the program at least three years before Olympic trials begin.

U.S. Army athletes receive world-class training from the United States’ top coaches and trainers. The Army has training centers that specialize in some events, such as boxing, wrestling, and modern pentathlon. Depending on your sport, you will be assigned a training location, usually near a college or sports club with a proven record in preparing athletes for international competition.

For more information or to initiate an application, visit the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program website at

SSG Joshua Richmond 2012 Olympics

Army Marksmanship Unit

The United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) is a world class shooting team that competes in national and international marksmanship events.

Since 1956, these U.S. Army marksmen have gained worldwide recognition through individual and team competitions, winning 40 World Championships and 23 Olympic medals.

Shooting is their specialty, but it is not their only skill, and competition is not their only function. Army Marksmen assist in technical development of military small arms equipment and ammunition. They hold clinics and pass on their expertise as small-arms experts.

The USAMU has its own custom firearms shop, run by gunsmiths, machinists, range technicians and ammunition loaders, who build competition-grade rifles and pistols from scratch. Their research and development efforts have led not only to enhanced accuracy and reliability on the competition field, but also on the battlefield.

For more information about the Army Marksmanship Unit, visit:

All Army Sports Program

The All Army Sports Program provides an avenue for U.S. Army Soldiers to reach their potential in national and international sporting competition. The Army selects qualified Soldiers for short-term training and competition periods, lasting between four days and three months. The period of competition depends on your sport and your level of skill within your sport.

Active Duty, Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve and Active Guard Reserve Soldiers are eligible to apply for participation in the All Army Sports Program. All Army Sports staff review each application and consider the background of applicants, recent performances, athletic awards, and other attributes. Applicants may provide newspaper clippings, letters of recommendation, or other forms of support.

Note: This is NOT a change in MOS opportunity or PCS. Selected Soldiers must be performing a duty assignment in order to apply. Soldiers will return to their duty station upon completion of the competition.

Applicants must provide command approval to the All Army Sports Program in order for their selection to be considered. Certain sports may also have specific requirements. Visit All Army Sports for more information.