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With over 150 career options, your future begins here. Join during Army National Hiring Days, June 10th-July 2nd, and you could receive an extra bonus up to $2,000 or a four-year scholarship.

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Take a look at over 20 different career fields that you can choose from as an Army officer.


Get to know the ranks and insignia that Soldiers wear on their uniforms.

Careers & Jobs
Soldiers Saluting

Commissioned Officer

Commissioned Officers are educated professionals, trained to lead other Soldiers in all situations. They receive training in general leadership and management, with increased levels of command experience as they advance.

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CW2 wearing OCP and harness standing in front of a Apache helicopter outside during the daytime

Warrant Officer

Warrant Officers are the technical experts in the Army. They have specific technical or tactical specialties (e.g., helicopter pilots), and manage and maintain many of the Army’s combat systems, vehicles and networks. Once they reach the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Two (CW2), the President of the United States gives them the same status as a Commissioned Officer.

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