Army Reserve Soldiers work to attach pieces of an improved ribbon bridge

In the Army Reserve, you may qualify for up to a $20,000 enlistment bonus, get money for college and repayment of your student loan.

Earn Extra Cash for Retirement

As a Soldier, you are eligible to participate in a 401(k)-type retirement savings and investment plan called the Thrift Savings Plan. And now the Army is offering a matching fund program to qualified non-prior service recruits.

Active Duty or Army Reserve?
Initial Military Training

Learn the differences between serving on active duty or in the Army Reserve.

active duty army soldiers earning their base pay

Basic Pay: Active Duty Soldiers

Basic Pay is your base salary as a Soldier on active duty. It counts for just part of your total income.

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Soldier in hangar with helicopter

Drill Pay: Army Reserve Soldiers

Army Reserve Soldiers earn Drill Pay while training on weekends and during full-time training events.

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Special Pay: For Special Duties & Skills

There are dozens of types of extra pay for Soldiers and officers with special skills or duties that carry extra responsibility or risk.

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soldier holds child

Allowances: Covering the Cost of Living

In addition to salary and bonuses, the Army provides allowances for housing, meals and uniforms.

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Bonuses: Earning Extra Money

There are many opportunities for active duty and reserve Soldiers to earn additional money.

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