Army Medical Corps

As a health care professional with the U.S. Army Reserve, you’ll be exposed to new techniques, procedures and points of view. You’ll also gain knowledge and skills that you’ll be proud to take home to your own practice.


Army ROTC nurse cadets may qualify for scholarships and other additional benefits to help start gaining the valuable career and leadership skills of an officer in the Army Nurse Corps.

Army Medicine

Meet some members of the Nurse Corps team in the videos above, as they talk about their experiences being a part of the Army health care team:

Critical Care Nurse – Capt. Samuel Sama

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner – Capt. Kevin Gormley

Critical Care Nurse – 1st Lt. Savannah Estes

Critical Care Nurse – Capt. Rahull Lall


My name is CPT Samuel Sama. I'm a critical care nurse currently mobilized to Fort Sam Houston, working at Brooke Army Medical Center in the trauma unit.

At the time of 9/11, I was an associate's degree nurse, and I wanted to be able to help. Serving as an Army Nurse Corps Officer is unparalleled to any level of nursing that you can do as a civilian.

I think the care that we offer to our Soldiers is the best that you can offer. I wanted to be in a position to help not only my country but serve those that help serve us. And being an Army Nurse Corps Officer give me that, that great opportunity. And, it's very humbling.

I think morale among the AMEDD corps is very high. We work very well together. We work with the best doctors, the best nurses, the best aides. We are highly trained, so we have the best technology, so we provide the best care for our Soldiers.

My wife's name is Adelia. Our first daughter is Lyndie. Our second daughter is Emily. And my youngest, which is four, is Samantha.

Currently, my daughter is here with me on my mobilization. Uh, she attends high school here while I'm mobilized.

And some of the fun things that we do, we actually go to the library on weekends. We come here on post and we utilize the gym. We go bowling. We go shopping.

Being in the Army Nurse Corps has not only provided me with the ability to gain exceptional nursing skills but also exceptional leadership skills.