Professionals serving on the U.S. Army health care team benefit greatly from the service’s commitment to an excellent quality of life.

You may have an opportunity to serve in other parts of the country — and possibly other parts of the world — where many travel and vacation opportunities exist for you and your family. Army hospitals, laboratories and other related facilities are located on or near military installations.

Most Army installations offer a wealth of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, health clubs and swimming pools. For your convenience, you’ll find commissaries (grocery stores), post exchange stores (retail), dry cleaners, day care centers and other helpful amenities. You may also find community clubs, theaters and libraries. Biking, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing areas are normally close to every installation. Active duty members may choose to live on the installation in military housing or opt to live off base and receive a generous housing allowance.

In addition to providing an ideal living environment, the Army offers the following personal rewards as well:

  • 30 days of vacation with pay earned annually
  • No-cost or low-cost medical and dental care for you and your family
  • Low-cost insurance
  • Attractive retirement benefits after 20 years of qualifying service
  • Thrift Savings Plan — a flexible, portable retirement savings and investment fund similar to a 401(k)