Army Medical Corps

Whether you’ve just begun your undergraduate studies or have accepted a seat in medical school, you can take advantage of the programs the U.S. Army provides for students pursuing careers in health care.

Army Medicine

Usually, you'll be assigned to the Army Reserve unit in your area. One weekend per month, you'll serve in a civilian hospital or clinic close to home. Or, you may spend your weekend in an Army field medical unit where you'll learn such skills as setting up a mobile triage unit, handling mass casualties in support of ground operations or training enlisted personnel to assist with emergency care.

Two weeks a year, you'll report for annual training. You may spend these two weeks in a variety of health care settings. For example, you may train in Army field exercises described above; work in an Army hospital or clinic; attend professional development conferences and seminars, paid for by the Army; or take military educational programs in your specialty or Army leadership courses.

You may also participate in humanitarian missions, providing badly needed medical care to victims of natural disaster or conflicts abroad. Or, you may be deployed to provide medical support to America's Soldiers in a variety of overseas locations.