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Learn about the opportunities the Army offers health care professionals.

Graduate Medical Education Program

Professions covered: All

As you advance through your medical career, you will be looking for experiences that blend teaching, research and clinical excellence to best prepare you for unique and challenging opportunities in medicine. And there is no better way to acquire this kind of experience than through the Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs offered by the U.S. Army Medical Department.

  • Benefits
  • Requirements
  • Enjoy the largest graduate medical educational program within all the military branches.
  • There are 11 training hospitals and three institutes.
  • You must be a qualified physician looking to gain accreditation and training in other areas of medicine.

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Podiatric Surgical Residency

Professions covered: Podiatry

During this 36-month residency, you'll gain hands-on experience and receive specialized training.

  • Benefits
  • Requirements
  • Enjoy a 36-month residency program.
  • Enter as an active duty captain and receive pay and benefit allowances commensurate to that rank.
  • Must be a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine