Army Medical Corps

As a health care professional with the U.S. Army Reserve, you’ll be exposed to new techniques, procedures and points of view. You’ll also gain knowledge and skills that you’ll be proud to take home to your own practice.

Army Medicine
Army Allied Health

Depending upon your allied health discipline, you will take your place in either the Medical Service Corps or the Medical Specialist Corps. Both have a long and storied history of providing the best in care to our Soldiers and their families, as well as being nationally recognized as leaders in evidence-based clinical practice, education and research.

The Medical Service Corps is the most diverse branch of the U.S. Army. This Corps is home to medical administrative, scientific and provider specialties from direct patient care to management of the U.S. Army’s health service system. Disciplines that fall under this branch are the behavioral sciences, health services, laboratory sciences, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry and preventive medicine.

The Medical Specialist Corps members have distinguished themselves and set new standards in their fields, as well. This corps is home to four distinct specialties: physical therapists, occupational therapists, clinical dietitians and physician assistants.

Regardless of the corps in which you serve, you’ll have a variety of possibilities to develop your leadership skills and assume increased responsibilities within the U.S. Army health care team. You could be involved in direct patient care in a hospital setting, administrative work in a staff headquarters or practicing your specialty in a field environment in the United States or overseas. You may serve in a variety of command, staff or clinical positions with assignments at one of the Army’s medical centers, community hospitals, rehabilitation centers or research laboratories.

Whatever your assignment, you will find it extremely satisfying from both a personal and professional standpoint. Whichever corps you call home, your expertise is critical to helping the U.S. Army health care team provide the world’s best comprehensive health care.