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Discover the life of a Soldier. An Army post has everything you would find in the civilian world and more. Take our virtual tour and find out where Soldiers live, eat, work and have fun.

How to Join

See the step-by-step process it takes to join the Army - from talking to a Recruiter to finding the best position for you.

About the Army
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Before I joined the Army I guess I was lazy, but then I wanted a challenge in my life, so I joined the Army. Before I joined the Army, I was cooking at a restaurant.

I was in college I was going for my civil engineering degree, I was finishing up my Basic. Well I graduated from college; I really didn't feel I was doing everything I could do.

There I was, 20 years old, I was not very happy with my job and I just decided that I needed a change. I saw what the Army had done for my brother. My brother was enlisted and became an Officer, and I wanted that. So I went and I saw my Army Recruiter.

I had heard horror stories coming into the Army about Basic Training. In Basic Training you really learn who you are. The first day you pulled up in the bus, that thought that crosses everybody's mind is, "Oh my gosh what did I do?" It crossed through my mind.

I know I'm unusual, but I'm one of those people who was really excited to go to Basic Training. Basic Training was a totally different experience from being back in the civilian world. We did so many things that challenged our bodies and our minds. After a while it just became second nature, it was, it became easy, it became normal, and I bonded with the people I was in Basic with. So it was great. I made a lot of friends from it. I never thought I'd be able to do the things that I did in Basic Training.

In the U.S. Army you can do anything it's all up to how far you want to push yourself, and in Basic Training you'll learn how far to push yourself because they'll help you do it. I learned that as long as someone does stick their mind to something they can do it. Army Strong means so many things. Confidence, discipline and respect. Being able to overcome all the obstacles that life faces you. Commitment, physical training, personal strength, leadership.

And knowing that I'm part of something bigger than me. I love what I do everyday and I love serving my country. The Army has definitely exceeded my expectations. When I look at myself in the mirror I'm proud of who I've become. I had a lot of choices at 18 years old, and luckily I picked the right one. My life didn't really begin until I joined the Army.

Soldiers standing in a formation

What is the Army?

The Army is one of the largest and most important government organizations in the United States. Its function is to defend the American people from aggressors with a force of qualified, skilled, and dedicated Soldiers.

Serving in the Army

As a Soldier, you will have the choice whether to serve on active duty, or as a member of the Army Reserve. You will also have the choice of enlisting, or if you are qualified, commissioning into service as an Officer.

Stryker in forest landscape

Vehicles & Equipment

Discover the power and mobility of U.S. Army aircraft and fighting vehicles and take a look at the gear you could use as a Soldier.

Blackhawk helicopters taking flight

Post Locations

Active duty Army Soldiers live and train on bases and installations around the world. Take a look at this interactive map to see where you could serve.

Learn More
U.S. Army Captain rank

Ranks & Insignia

Throughout your career, you will be encouraged to rise through the ranks and become a leader. Learn about the enlisted and Officer ranks, and what each branch insignia looks like.

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