What Type of Foods and Drinks Do You Consume at Chow Halls?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Scott Schaurer discusses the food options at Chow Hall.

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Hello, my name is Private Scott Schaurer from Dayton, Ohio. I'd like to answer a few questions. First question from Joseph from the state of Hawaii; "When you eat chow in the chow hall, what type of food do they serve you and are you limited to water or can you drink other stuff?"

First off Joseph, it varies from each day-to-day what your served. You can be served from chicken to macaroni and chili. It all varies, there's nothing bad it's all a good variety. There's about three different entrees you can choose.

On the second thing, first few weeks drill sergeants are going to make you drink water to self-hydrate yourself. After that you're more than welcome to drink juice. Can't drink any caffeine, no caffeine or pop during that first nine weeks of basic training.