Visitations: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Ryan Peairs discusses family visits during Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, my name is Ryan Peairs, I'm at Fort Benning, Georgia, Alonzo from Erie, Pennsylvania ask; "How often does your family get to see you?"

Well you get to see them on family day, and you get to see them for graduation. The whole point of that in basic training is, so that you way when you get a letter from them, you get pictures from them, it makes you be really grateful that you get to talk, to them you get too see them family.

And also you should remember that what you're doing is for your family, you're not just leaving your family at home sitting alone. You're fighting for your family, to keep safe, and keep them in a comfortable position, and at home. So just remember that and push on through, you'll make it, I trust in you.