U.S. Army Radiologic Technologist

Sergeant Tyler Horras is a Radiologic Technologist (68P). Learn more about how he came to choose is Army career.

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I chose this career in the Army when I was at MEPS. The liaison there offered this job. He told me it was a rare opportunity. I told him I like rare stuff – so sign me up! 

This job is all about helping people – being a gear in a big machine. Without you the whole hospital cannot function.

You are giving the diagnostic tools to radiologists and doctors. It is a very important role. 

Some specific skills I learned and obtained in my Army service are of course my job which is shooting x-rays – which is basically taking pictures of people’s insides. I’ve also obtained training in computerized tomology – which is taking pictures of people’s insides, but you’re slicing them up like a loaf of bread, so we call it cross-section anatomy. 

To be given the opportunity to choose any path – there’s hundreds of jobs that Army offers – and for you to be able to pick and choose what you want. That’s not an opportunity that’s given anywhere else. 

You also get leadership training, experience. You learn teamwork. You get exposed to a lot of spirit corps. It’s a great opportunity all the way around. 

Where you can get free college – a college of your choosing. They pay for your books, your classes and everything that you need. That’s all while you’re in the active-duty status. 

If you don’t know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life, this is a good springboard to get it started. If you work hard and you are focused and determined, you’re going to be successful at anything you do in the Army.