U.S. Army Medicine Brief: The Performance Triad

In this video, Capt. Jose Capellan, a health services administrator at Brooke Army Medical Center, shows how he uses the Performance Triad’s core principles to lead his Command.


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The aspects of the performance triad are eat, sleep and be active. This is in line with what I do as an athlete, what I do as a soldier, what I do as a soldier athlete and now it’s getting brought to the population as a whole. If I want to be an optimal soldier athlete, I have to lead from the front. I can’t tell my soldiers, this is what we’re going to do and I’m standing back in the background. So I gotta, even on the rainy, cold days, I gotta get out and do it.


It doesn’t start off, all of a sudden you’re getting seven eight to be great. Or you’re eating all of the portions of vegetables that you need or you’re doing the necessary activity. We start with something small. You have to balance all of it to be able to be successful. It pays to be healthy. It pays to follow the performance triad.