U.S. Army Medicine Brief: Life as a U.S. Army Nurse

1st Lt. Katie Von Fange, a medical-surgical nurse at the San Antonio Military Medical Center, joined the Army to serve a greater purpose: her country, fellow Soldiers and patients.

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I wanted to be an Army nurse specifically because I wanted to serve a greater purpose. Greater purpose than myself or a general hospital. I wanted to serve the country, I wanted to serve the soldiers.


This project I’m working on, it’s called the heart failure binder. So we’re trying to teach patients, you know, you need to own a scale, first of all, weigh yourself every day, and then knowledge of these worsening symptoms prompts them, we’re hoping, to call their doctor or the nurses hotline, so it’s all preventative care.


I would say the Army definitely allows the opportunities within the workplace, and you sharpen your leadership skills and try to work as a team. Team work is essential, especially in nursing.


For me, I’m interested in pursuing a Nurse Practitioner career later on. I found out that the Army, again, will be able to pay for this Nurse Practitioner degree.


I would say there’s a good balance between work life and home life. The Army makes it possible, they work with you. When I get off work I love to go home to my fiancé, Chance. Work hard while I’m at work, workout, go to church, be with my family, and all of that is going to make me be a better soldier and a better nurse.


If you enjoy doing it, it’s not really a sacrifice. I really love what I do.