The Ranger Tab: Army Overview

The Ranger Tab is worn by elite Soldiers who have passed the Ranger School. Rangers are highly trained, rapid response, special operations Soldiers.

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I am 2LT Joseph Winglemire; I am an infantry officer and I have the Ranger tab. My name is SFC Michael Dean. I’m an 11 Bravo and I have the Ranger tab. Prior to the Korean war, to emulate the commandos in Great Britain, Joe Darby put together an elite group of infantry men and declared them Rangers as a homage to Roger’s Rangers in the Revolutionary period. Ranger school started back in the 50’s. The first Ranger company or the first Ranger training school actually graduated in 1952. The things that you learn in Ranger school are small unit operations, starting at the squad level up to platoon level. You’ll learn the orders process, you’ll learn raids, ambushes, but most importantly, you’ll learn leadership skills from individual traits or individual skills all the way up to platoon level skills that are gonna help you in combat. Everyone knows how hard it is, everyone knows how tough it is. You have instant credibility. You never have to do anything but show your left shoulder to anyone who asks you know are you qualified to be a leader of infantry men. Because it is the premier leadership school in the United States Army. The Ranger school took me out of my comfort level then it proved to me that I can handle it and it actually extended my comfort level to a greater spectrum. Just finding out how far you can be pushed and still excel and still do your job. To earn the Ranger tab basically it only takes heart. You just have to the heart to go, the heart to stay with it, the heart to complete it. It’s all about not quitting; all it takes is a mindset to never quit. Being a Ranger is being part of a brotherhood, it’s a tight knit community, it’s almost like having an extended family away from home. Especially when you are away from home deployed in combat. It’s an automatic in, you automatically share stories and you know, hey, this guy probably has my back, he’s been to ranger school. As a soldier there’s no better assurance than having a leader with a Rangers tab.