Straight from Basic Training, Ep. 8: Urban Operations

Set in an urban training environment, the trainees learn how to safely enter and clear buildings.

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Hi, I’m Private Nathaniel Alejandro; I’m Private David Wilk.

Alejandro: Lately our primary objective has been Urban Operations, which is where we learn to clear buildings, clear rooms and watch each other’s backs.

Wilk: The hardest part for Urban Operations for me was you don’t know if it’s going to be cleared already nobody in there and then the next room could have four or five people in it.

Alejandro: You don’t know what’s going to hit you what’s coming, I mean, whether you’re the first man or the last man you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. I trust myself now. Our Drill Sergeants are very thorough, our First Sergeant was very thorough are Captain is very thorough when it comes to all this training because even though it is a big responsibility I can handle it way better than a regular civilian can.

Which is what basic is about, learning how to do basic combat training that way when you’re in the field all the stuff just comes natural.

Wilk: Well this week, we’ve had a change from when we first got here.

Alejandro: The weather conditions today and this week has been extremely cold, there’s been a lot of snow. The cold weather affects people during training different ways, but it didn’t stop our training at all. We train in all kinds of weather the variation in temperature is something you have to expect as a Soldier.

Comparing our first APFT to our final APFT, which, was today; I did better in each event.

Wilk: I increased dramatically in all my events from my first APFT to my last one.

Alejandro: My favorite is the run; your lungs are hurting, your legs are hurting but you just keep staring forward, breathing in-and-out and your fine and it’s my favorite, cause I zone out.

Wilk: I’m looking forward to anything that we have left, cause that means I’m one step closer to graduating.

Alejandro: I am looking forward to our final training exercise because it means that all the stuff we’ve learned, all the stuff we were taught in basic ii’s coming to a wrap and we’re going to see if we know it, and I feel very confident that I do and I can’t wait.