Push-ups, Sit-ups and Running: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Reshad Jones suggests how to get in shape for Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, I'm Private ReShad Jones and I'm about to graduate basic training. The question I have today is from Chip from Newkirk, Oklahoma his question is; "I would like to know from a Soldier, how to get in shape for basic training?"

I would suggest doing plenty of push-ups, at least 50-100 a day that's what the drill sergeant suggests for us. Doing plenty of PT (Physical Training) at home. Push-up, sit-ups, if you know what flutter kicks are, at least running a mile or two a day if you can.

If you have free time, I suggest, packing a backpack if you can and just walk around for at least five-mile if you want to push it, five to ten miles.

For your basic training standards for blue phase, white phase and red phase go online to GoArmy.com to see what the standards is to pass your PT Test in for your age group.

So Chip, good luck in basic training, and thank you for going online to check in, good luck.