Part Time, All Soldier: CW2 Souffrant

See how Chief Warrant Officer Souffrant honed his criminal investigation skills in the U.S. Army Reserve and as a civilian. Watch the first in his series of videos.

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A CID agent is a criminal investigator for the department of the Army. We investigate felony crimes that occur on military installations. Whether it’s a homicide, robbery, anything of the Army’s interest, I get called to the scene. As a warrant officer you have to be a subject matter expert.

When a burglary occurs, I analyze the point of entry. What weapon or, uh, what item could have been used to gain entry. I look for DNA, I look for any piece of evidence that could link to the crime scene. For example, blood. We dust for fingerprints. As a CID agent and as a lieutenant, a lot of my skills run together.

Army reserve has taught me discipline, accuracy, precision and has helped me a lot in my civilian life.

At a crime scene you only have one shot. You gotta get it right the first time.