Part Time, All Soldier: CPT Berg

See two sides of CPT Berg: Her job as a U.S. Army Reserve Engineer Officer and her career with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Watch the first of her videos.

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My job as an engineer officer is to serve as the supervisor for Project Saint. We do great things like build roads, we build structures and vertical companies, we do combat engineering, we do route clearance. The mission is varied and there’s so many opportunities for growth.

Clear the way: that is the importance of the engineers. We make the path for the units to get through, um and target a location. So you would build a road or you would improve upon a road for that maneuver unit to reach their objective

It’s exciting; soldiers love to use the equipment. It’s great to get out there. You can see what you accomplished from day 1. A lot of the soldiers, they also do it in their civilian career. So you get this subject matter expertise and when we get on site we execute.

I have learned how to stay organized, to be a proactive leader, to manage people but also to lead them, to set an example. On the civilian side, that I have learned leadership skills and management skills and, and how to work with people. Those skills have benefited me in the Army Reserve.

I’m grateful for the Army to have given me the ability to trust myself, to have confidence in myself.