On Post: Weekends

Weekends on an Army installation give Soldiers the flexibility to relax and hang out with friends.

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Specialist Frederick Ellington: Hi, I'm Specialist Frederick Ellington

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: My name is Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky.

When you're at work you're a Soldier, but when you're off, you have the freedom to do anything you want.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: You have so many friends - you meet so many people in the Army. You just get together, put your minds together and figure out what you want to do that day.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: They're going down. That's how it is, too! They're not as good as us!

Soldier: Perfect play - they're not even going to see this coming. Here's what we're gonna do: one of my favorites, a double reverse.

Team: One! Two! Three! GO! ARMY STRONG!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Hurry up, Junior!

Come on, he is a good guy. He just made a few mistakes. He's a good guy, though, right?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Yah. Yes. When he's not on the football field.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: I got him!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: (blowing whistle at the referee) Learn how to use it!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: We're going to beat these guys.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: So, ahh, what team won? My team! (cheers from the team)

Soldier on winning team: We outplayed you, we're better looking, and we have more women than they do! We won!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Time for a barbeque. Burgers and everything!

Soldier: I'll have a hamburger now... probably a hot dog later.

Soldier: I like cole slaw. Cole slaw is good for you.

Soldier: (mouth full of chow) Well? I'm a hungry guy!

Soldier: (adding condiments to burger) Yummy! I love mustard.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Hmm... what about a tug-of-war?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Man, I love a tug-of-war.

Solder: I'm little! I need some help! Gimme a tree!

Soldier Referee: (standing over rope) GO!

(Pratt-Majesky is pulled over the mud puddle, slipping along the rope.)

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: I remember eating... a lot of mud!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Yeah you did...

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: So my plan didn't go as planned.

Soldier: My wife's going to kill me.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: This is the second time we've beat em today. Football was first!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: We won at football! This guy is lyin' through his teeth!

Hey, remember my famous volleyball hit? That guy was about three times bigger than me. This baby's small, but he packs some power.

Give one up to the short people.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: That was garbage when that ball came towards me, I like ducked out of the way. I saw something coming at me fast, so I got out of the way.

(Soldiers shake hands over the volleyball net and congratulate each other.)

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Let's go to the Dunk Tank! Let's clean up the dirty one!

(holding volleyball) Here's your flotation device.

This one's gonna save my life.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Everyone's pretty scared of the cold...

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: (sitting on a shelf above the Dunk Tank)

I feel like I'm in front of a firing squad.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: (pitches at the tank release target several times, missing)

Yeah, I couldn't get you down...

Soldier: Let's see how well you do!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: I think I'm just getting lucky. Ooh, that wasn't even close!

Soldier: (pitches and hits the tank release target, Pratt-Majesky falls into the tank, then climbs out and does a lap around the tank, dripping water)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You got wet!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: You would never go bored or go lonely on a Post because the ones in the Army are the best ones to call your friends.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: At least I'm not dirty anymore!

(Someone wraps a towel around his shoulders)