On Post: Housing and Activities

Army installations offer Soldiers comfortable living spaces with plenty of options for fun, such as pool tables, darts and bowling.
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Specialist Frederick Ellington: Hi, I'm Specialist Frederick Ellington.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: My name is Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky.

When you're at work, you're a Soldier, but when you're off, you have the freedom to do anything you want.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: In the barracks, it's almost like having your own apartment, so it's comfortable living there - it's almost like home.

I have a game system, and I was practicin' last night, so this weekend you have to come back over and get whipped!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Oh yeah?

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Yeah.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: If I wanted to sit down and watch TV, I can sit in my room and watch TV; if I wanted to get out and be active, that day, I can be active.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Are you about to prove how hard you do that?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: I'm gonna make this.

It's still going, hold on! Alright, I didn't make it...Um, let's say I'm not going to be in the Olympics.

I'm lining up for my next shot, alright? Thinking ahead!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Ha ha - that was great! I played alright...

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: You're getting better at it. (cheers in background)

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Professional darts, you can break them down and put what you want on them. I played a lot of darts in Iraq. It was fun.

No gambling in the Army.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: I mean...

Specialist Frederick Ellington: No! No gambling.

Instead of throwing it like this, I am going to grab it by the tip and I'm going to throw it at the board. ...Oooh. (laughing) It was funny, but it didn't go like I wanted it to.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: (retrieving dart from wall) That wasn't me throwing it - I'm getting it on the floor.

Dead center - watch this. Alright, maybe not. (repeats several times)

I was kind of close! I mean, if we were playing horseshoes, I would have won!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: So out of you and me, who do you think is the better bowler?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: You didn't really finish that out. Who had more strikes? This guy right here? (indicating Ellington)

What was that? Gutterball! He's about to do another one...

Specialist Frederick Ellington: That definitely wasn't it... (tries again a few times)

That was a mistake. Next time, I'm cleaning up. I'm cleaning up right now! (tries once again)

See that? It's a strike!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: He beat me!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: The fact that he was doing better than me when we first started - I just needed to warm up.

Great thing about living on the Post, there's a lot of things here for you to have recreation and have morale - to have fun with your friends.

It's not always work, work, work.