Nurse Program Overview: Army ROTC

Soldiers talk about the unique benefits and experiences gained in the Army ROTC Nurses program.

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(Cadet Dakota Hunt) I chose Army ROTC because they came to me in one of my nursing classes and talked to me about it. And I really want a chance to serve my country and a chance to give back to my community, give back to soldiers and not only work with soldiers, but also work with the people in the communities of where the military treatment facilities are.

(Cadet Josiah Tuch) I found out about NSTP through two cadets through my nursing program. When they came back, they told me all about it and how great their clinical experience was and how it was able to set them apart from their peers.

(Cadet Elizabeth Britton) It’s really a WIN WIN situation. I’m able to serve my country as well as serve those who are serving our country.

(Cadet Dakota Hunt) I really wanted to get a good idea of what a military nurse does and what a military hospital looks like. So, I figured by coming here and doing this and seeing this at the largest military treatment facility in the DOD, it would be the best experience to get. I’ve been able to perform more skills than I have so far in my university. You get to really branch out and experience new things, go into the trauma room see what the trauma teams do, work with them and I got to help put on a traction splint while I was here. I would never get that opportunity at my university.

(Cadet Josiah Tuch) It’s going to set you apart with your experience. You are going to get to do things that most people will never get to do.

(Cadet Elizabeth Britton) NSTP has really given me the opportunity to take a step further. It really helped me to develop and to think more critically and to take what I learned at my program and the skills that I have done, but apply it to a higher level here in the ICU.

(Cadet Dakota Hunt) You have more freedoms to go and perform different skills, see new things, and to go in different departments. Where as, in my clinicals, you are kinda stuck on a med search board doing basic skills. Here you kinda get to branch out. You can go to a trauma room, you can go to the ICU, and go to Labor and Delivery, and go to all other kinds of stuff.

(Cadet Josiah Tuch) You get to be a soldier first, then you also get to have a great career in nursing where you make a huge difference in peoples’ lives. You are doing something that is very honorable.

(Cadet Elizabeth Britton) For anyone looking to join ROTC or Nursing and ROTC together, I would say go for it. You just need to take that step and have faith in yourself that you can do this. It is a really great opportunity that will allow you to do what you want to do in your life with nursing as well as serving your country.