Not the Best Runner?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Hortamartinez talks about running and physical fitness during Basic Combat Training.

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I'm Private Hortamartinez from San Francisco, California and I'm answering a question from Question from Dmitri from Marietta, Georgia. The question is; "I'm pretty fit but not the best runner, do you think I can handle basic?"

Well if you're pretty fit, I mean just to be on the safe side, I've been through some rigorous training, it has pushed me to the limit, I would do a little more workouts here and there. If you're not the best runner, don't worry; you'll become the best runner over here. You'll start out crawling, then you'll start walking. It gradually increases here, stamina your endurance from what we do long, about 2-miles runs, to sprinting, a whole bunch of other stuff. It's most likely you got to be confident in yourself, if you think you can handle basic. Like I said just to be on the safe side, just run a little bit more run as much as you can, gradually increase it everyday.