Multichanel Transmission Systems Operator Maintainer (25Q)

A multichannel transmission systems operator-maintainer works directly on equipment that communicates through more than one channel. They are responsible for the maintenance check of these devices, antennas and associated equipment.

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Military Occupational Specialty: Multichannel Transmission Systems
Operator Maintainer.

High-tempo combined arms actions require precisely coordinated movements…and time-sensitive decision making.

None of this is possible without access to the right information… at the right time.

Ensuring the free-flow of that information, Multichannel Transmission

Systems Operator Maintainers keep data moving across all levels of the Army’s communication systems.

25Q Greenscreen Interview 

TESTIMONIAL: What is the job of a 25S? How much does the Army rely on

Satellite Communications?

Owing to the sensitive nature of communications, Secret Clearance is required for this MOS.

Once you’ve been granted clearance, the Army will train you at Fort Gordon, Georgia,beginning with Basic Electronics Theory and practices. You’ll continue with hands-on training in the fundamentals of radio, cable, and satellite transmissions…as well as the basics of field communications using mobile equipment.

You'll also train to set up transmitters, receivers, cable modems, and Ultra High-Frequency antennas.

Additional training will cover High Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) systems, satellite, and cable link systems. You'll be required to interpret complex diagrams and schematics, and to perform precision calibration of the equipment, to ensure optimal performance in a variety of environments and conditions.

25Q Greenscreen Interview 

TESTIMONIAL: How critical is the ability to communicate? How efficiently could the Army function without the work of 25Qs?

In this MOS, you will be taught specific procedures for the use of satellite radio. As well as the operation of primary and backup radio systems to provide redundancy across areas of coverage.

Beyond this, you’ll train in the security needed for transmitting sensitive communications,as well as the maintenance of specific Communications Security, or “COMSEC,” devices, and associated equipment.

25Q Greenscreen Interview TESTIMONIAL: How will SATCOM technology and capabilities evolve in the future?

After your Initial Entry Training, and Advanced Individual Training,you will serve in a unit dedicated to the delivery of reliable, timely communications.

These taskings may be undertaken from a strategic location, or a tactical position, as you oversee the infrastructure that allows assets in the field to update and inform commanders around the globe.

You may also employ tropospheric scatter communications systems to augment satellite communications.

Additionally you may test signal strength or monitor other equipment for proper operation,as well as keeping technical records on system and component maintenance.

As all of this technology requires power, you may also be required to establish and operate electrical generators while in the field.

25Q Greenscreen Interview 

TESTIMONIAL: How will your work as a 25Q prepare you for life outside the Army?

To further strengthen the Army’s communication dominance, you may also emplace SATCOM Transportable Terminals…

Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminals (SMART-T)…or Tactical Relay Towers— all vital elements within the Army communication network.

In the event of equipment failure, you will diagnose the malfunction, then replace affected circuit card assemblies. Or even entire pieces of equipment.

Serving in this MOS, you'll have the opportunity to apply for and earn certification and credentials

Through the Army's Credentialing Opportunities Online…

Further assisting your transition from the military to the civilian employment sector.

25Q Greenscreen Interview 

TESTIMONIAL: How will Army SATCOM technology and capabilities evolve in the future?

For individuals interested in electronics, this MOS is a unique opportunity to learn the principles and concepts of satellite and ground-based communications, and apply them to enable and defend critical military communications.

Military Occupational Specialty Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator Maintainer.