Motor Transport Operator (88M): Army Careers

Since joining the U.S. Army, PFC Andrews has been able learn valuable job and leadership skills by becoming both a Motor Transport Operator (88M) and a Combat Life Saver.
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I'm Private First Class Brandon Andrews.

I joined the Army to fight for my country, to make a better life for myself. There were no jobs where I lived, so definitely the Army is going to be around forever.

Besides being an 88 Mike (88M) Motor Transportation Operator, I'm also a CLS qualified combat life saver. I work the same guard on the radios on the trucks. I also work the fifty-caliber rifles mounted onto the trucks.

Driving is not as easy as you think. You definitely have to be aware of your situation, here and over in Iraq, or wherever you are deployed at. I love to drive, I'm ready to roll.

Since I've joined the Army I have changed. I'm definitely stronger, mentally and physically. I'm more apt to take care of my family. I am the solid, the rock of my family.