Mastering People Skills: Army Reserve

NYPD Lieutenant Frantz Souffrant discusses how he has learned to better manage manpower and the flow of information thanks to his U.S. Army Reserve training.

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As an incident commander you need to be able to manage your man power at the same time deal with the flow of information and passing it up to senior leadership.

Hey how you doing, Captain this is uh Lieutenant Souffrant here. Uh I’m just gonna update you on the situation we have.

As a Lieutenant I have to deal with all walks of life and local, state, and federal law enforcement. In essence become a diplomat.

No reports of gunfire?

No. The only thing that we do have is a shell case.

Being in the army reserve has given me an edge because I have discipline. Some of the skills that I’ve learned as a CID agent that I utilize with the New York City Police Department is interviews: how to talk to people, how to obtain the facts, how to document those facts. All these skills kind of work hand in hand.