Leadership Skills To Take Back To The Civilian World: Army ROTC

Soldiers describe the benefits of having leadership skills in the civilian world and what you get out of the ROTC program.

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I'm not just going to be working with U.S. military personnel. I am going to be working with civilians also. And so it's nice to understand how to balance and work with the two as a Cadet.

I know since joining the ROTC has definitely changed me a lot. I have been more comfortable talking in front of people or, you know, taking charge of groups of people or running things, and it's definitely given me a lot of confidence. Really, the biggest thing we teach is confidence in themselves and their ability to talk to people when there is twenty people looking at you saying boss, what do I do next? We need somebody that can stand up and say follow me, I am ready to teach you.

Well as a leader you are not just telling people what to do you are helping them become better people. Because Officers aren't just leaders they're trainers, they're coaches, they're mentors. You should be out there so you can do things even when people aren't looking. So that you can be the moral example, the emotional example, the physical example, of what people should strive to be.

You're A. developing yourself as a person, you're developing other people, and ultimately you can take those skills either if you get out of the Army or continue in the Army and help develop society in general. Leadership is needed from the classroom, leadership is needed in business, it's needed in corporations.

People outside the military business leaders, CEO's Officers, managers, everybody who looks at a person who comes out of the military sees these people have these skills. They know that people like us are the ones who will be able to lead the people of today into the future. You are looking at future governors, future presidents, future CEO's of companies. These are leaders out there that can do it all. What I can do as a second lieutenant in the Army is better than any internship or any entry-level job I can have in the business world.